Surviving vs Thriving

In the past we have discussed compensation, noting that it is a way the body orchestrates itself to keep you moving. However, when the body is operating in a compensatory state it reverts to survival mechanisms under which it preferably functions. By “compensation” we are referring to the nervous system not having the capacity to readily access muscles that it would in an ideal thriving state.
The body wants to take the path of least resistance when moving and will utilize the muscles it has available to get the job done. When this happens in a survival or compensation state some muscles can be over stimulated while other muscles get increasingly weaker. Operating this way will continue until a more advantageous route is discovered. When these disorders are not corrected a host of problems can occur.
For starters, when muscles are not doing their job, stabilizing their respective joints and controlling proper motion, Let’s use the analogy of a car driving on a road. Muscles are the steering wheel in your car and ligaments and other passive tissues are the guard rails next to the road. If the steering wheel loses proper function, the car will end up depending on guard rails to continue moving in the right direction. When muscles stop controlling movement as designed, the effect can lead to either a traumatic injury like a torn muscle or adverse wear and tear on joints. When improper forces and wear are placed on joints, the body sees this as an injury and will send inflammation to the area for healing. Coinciding with this inflammation, the body will tighten up as a defense mechanism and could start developing pain because of these dysfunctions. Thus, by operating in survival mode due to muscular inhibition, we will see elevated levels of inflammation and pain and an increased potential for injury.
But what if the body does not know of a better way to operate? What if the nervous system is not able to properly function due to an issue with the sensory inputs being received? How do we get out of survival mode?
At the Athletic Training Institute, utilizing Muscle Activation Techniques, we transition your body out of a chronic compensatory survival state, by getting muscles to function as they are designed so you can heal properly and begin thriving. Come see us!
Surviving vs Thriving

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