Sally Stickney’s Story

This week we asked Sally to share the difference she saw working with Coach Devin. Read on to hear her perspective:
“Over the years, I have worked with numerous trainers at various health clubs, including several at the Pro Club when I worked at Microsoft. I learned something different from each trainer, from practicing good form when lifting weights to playing racquetball. When I met Devin, I expected more of the same—someone who would basically watch me work with weights and provide pointers, tailored to my now aging body. I came to realize that Devin is in a master class of his own when it comes to training. His assessment of my physical status, his knowledge of nutrition and brain functioning related to physical and mental health, his attention to detail, his empathy, and his deep knowledge of physiology, including the science and practice of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), were a revelation to me and took my experience of being “trained” to a new level. Not only did I learn new and innovative ways to nourish and exercise my body, but I also experienced the amazing effects of MAT on my range of motion, for arms and shoulders that were nearly frozen. I highly recommend Devin to anyone who wants a partner in developing and engaging in a personalized, holistic exercise program that is finely tuned to your individual capabilities and needs.”
Come meet Coach Devin and the rest of the coaches at the Athletic Training Institute and see the difference for yourself!
Sally Stickney’s Story

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