Recovering with NanoVi

On a daily basis we are exposed to environmental toxins, stress, age, poor sleep and many other elements that allow cellular damage to occur within the body. Depending on your lifestyle, the extent to which cellular damage transpires can vary. This cellular damage is the difference between living a healthy high-performance life or one filled with disease and accelerated aging.
Cellular damage occurs with accumulation of free radicals. These free radicals will damage anything it interacts with- proteins, mitochondria, cell membranes, etc. In the body, the first line of defense are antioxidants which interrupt the damage. The second line of defense are unique repair mechanisms that help cells recover after damage has occurred. NanoVi replicates this second line of defense through its Bio Identical Signal that is similar to the body’s natural recovery process. In particular the NanoVi helps correct the issues that occur from oxidative stress by reinstating essential protein function.
In the body, proteins execute different processes, and decreased protein function is an underlying cause of aging and chronic disease. In particular, folded proteins are essential for cellular activity and when folded proteins are unfolded by free radicals during oxidative stress, they lose their function and this ultimately reduces cellular activity.
The good news is that proteins can be re-folded. In fact, the natural biological process of folding proteins can be replicated through utilizing unique technology provided by NanoVi. This machine produces a precise measurable electromagnetic signal which is transferred to humidity and delivered across humidified air. This signal is the same as the wavelength the body produces to initiate cellular repair for the protein folding process.
By enhancing the naturally occurring repair process, all cellular functions improve, DNA molecules repair faster, and mitochondrial function increases.
NanoVi is used to address chronic disorders, mitigate cellular aging, and enhance recovery. Additionally, as stated, NanoVi technology helps augment the body’s natural ability to repair cellular damage and free radicals and can lead to the following benefits:
  • Improved oxygen and nutrient utilization
  • Enhanced cell energy production
  • Increased cell metabolism
  • Faster regeneration of cellular damage
  • Better protection against free radical damage
  • Improved immunity
  • Counter act DNA damage
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Detoxification
At the Athletic Training Institute, in conjunction with other modalities to improve health, and performance, we utilize NanoVi’s unique technology to help clients execute at the highest level.
Recovering with NanoVi

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