Matt Boyd’s Story

A long time Athletic Training Institute athlete, Detroit Tigers pitcher Matt Boyd offers his thoughts on his work with ATI coach Kirk Bradshaw and how it has helped his career:
“Kirk has changed my career. From his athletic training side, to his MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) side, he has elevated my performance at every level. To put it in perspective, I started training with Kirk as my father said my freshman year in high school. I still do it to this day, with a group of 7 pro baseball players. Out of the 7, 4 of them have trained with Kirk since their freshman year in high school… Now they are pros. Its a testament to his workouts. But what sets Kirk apart is his knowledge of how the baseball players arm/body work. With his knowledge of MAT, he is THE best resource in keeping you on the field. I speak of this after trying many methods throughout my career, MAT is the best. I trust Kirk with my career.
Kirk conducted my rehab of my elbow surgery after the 2014 season, all with MAT. I workout with Kirk 3-4 times a week in the off season and I am on the table for MAT once every two weeks at least. In season, since I am everywhere around North America, Kirk recommends a MAT specialist in whatever city I am in so I can get MAT the day after I pitch. Every 5 days, the day after my start I am getting MAT. It is that important to my health and career.
I could speak for hours on what Kirk has done for me as a player.
As a person, Kirk is one of a kind. Hopefully I can send my my kids there one day!”
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Matt Boyd’s Story

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