Carrie Young’s Story

We love hearing from our clients! Here is a fantastic story from Carrie Young, a special client of ours:
“In spring of 2016 I started seeing Kirk Bradshaw, an RX MAT practitioner. Prior to this I had seen a chiropractor for a very long time and my neck continued to bother me in spite of those treatments. I also did Feldenkrais therapy, Accupuncture, and Tens treatments. It was finally suggested that I get an MRI and that revealed that I had three bulging discs, spinal stenosis and a host of other issues stemming from a semi-truck rear ending me when I was 21.
“The doctor who gave me the diagnosis suggested that I see several spinal orthopedic surgeons. The first one was ready to do a lumbar laminectomy immediately. The second one agreed. Thankfully the third one said that the longer I could put off surgery, the better. He said that it was a fact that once you had a fused disc, patients generally need to return later on for additional fusions because the fused plate would cause other discs to break down overtime.
“He did suggest that I see a physical therapist. I have tried physical therapy two other times in my life and found it did not work for me at all. This third physical therapist was no exception. Every exercise they gave me caused pain and I generally was seeing an intern once I had the initial interview with the primary physical therapist. They had a list of exercises they would run through and when I would say I couldn’t do it, or that it hurt too much, they weren’t sure what to suggest next.
“It was at this point that a friend of my daughters, Luke Besel, suggested that I see Kirk. He specifically said that I needed an RX practitioner (highest level) and he felt Kirk was the right fit for me.
“I don’t want to say I was skeptical, but I had tried a lot of different therapies over the years. Kirk wasn’t really interested in all the things that I could not do, and he didn’t focus on all the bad things that were discovered from the MRI. He said we would start at the beginning and see how I would progress. He was very honest in telling me that I did have a long way to go and he wasn’t 100% sure if this would be the program for me. He didn’t want to take my money week after week without me showing some kind of progress. I appreciated that honesty.
“We started at the beginning, pattern one. I came every week for a full year. I started seeing results almost immediately. I didn’t have nearly as many aches and pains in my neck and in fact I felt better all over my body.
“We would keep progressing along and occasionally I would have some kind of pain and we would have to go back and see what pattern was not holding. But even when that would happen, it was never as bad as when I had started with Kirk.
“After a year or so, I started coming every other week. My body really responded to MAT and I have been able to do many activities that I did not ever think I would be able to do such as holding my grandson and standing for long periods of time.
“The irony is that my insurance will pay for me to go to physical therapy 24 times in a year and they will pay for $300 a session. However, they don’t recognize MAT as a legitimate therapy. But I will happily pay out of pocket for these treatments because they have done more for me than anything else.
“I just recently moved to Texas and went four weeks between treatments. We took a redeye, had to shlock around bags and pets, carry things around the house to put them away and other various activities involved in a move. My body held up very well. I believe Kirk had more faith in that happening than I did and I am thankful he was right.
“I am not an elite level athlete, like some doing MAT. However, it is still a great feeling to be able to be active and not in pain. I highly recommend Kirk and MAT.”
Carrie Young’s Story

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