Coaching Philosophy

The degree of physical, physiological, and performance adaptation that occurs during training is strongly related to the mechanical specificity, neuromuscular, and metabolic specificity of the training program. In other words if we want athletes to be prepared physically for competition they must train with intention. We must focus on increasing efficiency by eliminating compensation and wasted movement.  We then progress to activities that target increasing thresholds in the tissues so that the body can handle the stresses of the sport without breakdown.

The body is always adapting.  Our focus is to provide stimulus for positive adaptations to produce a mind and body necessary to compete under stress.


Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a systematic biomechanical approach designed for identification and treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction.  MAT utilizes a system of checks and balances that enables the practitioner to identify areas of weakness, treat the tissues responsible for the positions of weakness, and test to verify the efficiency of the treatment.  A good part of “western medicine” is structured to treat symptoms.  The focal point of MAT is to treat cause.